Sell your Gift Cards Online 24/7 with OneCard

  • Sell Gift Cards from your current Website!
  • Physical or Electronic Cards sent with a Personal Message
  • Beautiful Custom Mailing Packaging that Represents Your Brand

OneCard is our fastest growing service. If you already have a web site, we will build a gift card ordering landing page and shopping cart that graphically looks just like your website. Your customers are able visit your web site, order one or several gift cards, either plastic or electronic, and ship to one or multiple locations. We accept the orders, pull your branded gift card and carrier from inventory, personalize the carrier with “To, From, Amount and a Custom Message” and ship the finished Gift Card out, one card at a time, or initiate an electronic version of the Gift Card and send it to the desired email address.

OneCard may be one of the best marketing options you have and you get paid to do it. A lot of times the Gift Card is for someone that may never have been to your restaurant, so you get paid to introduce new customers to your restaurant by your best patrons, and they can do it online from their home or mobile any time of the night or day.

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