Toast Gift Card Design Details

*Gift Cards and Rewards Program are both paid features of Toast POS. If this feature was not originally a part of your Customer Agreement/Contract, it must be added to the account before gift cards can be ordered. Please contact your Toast representative or Support, via Toast Central, to get started! 

Submit all gift card orders here:  Start New Order

Ordering New Gift Cards

To submit an order for physical gift cards, please provide the following information, in your request:

  • Designs: High resolution image (300dpi) or vector designs for the front and back of the cards (more information below).
  • Restaurant Info: Customized verbiage to appear on the back of the cards.
  • Quantity: How many cards will be ordered (more information below).
  • Shipping Address: Physical address for the cards to be delivered. Orders are shipped via FedEx Ground and cannot be delivered to a PO BOX.

Front Design

User-added image

  • The card size is standard CR80.
  • The design file needs a 0.125” bleed perimeter that allows for cutoff in the printing process.
  • The design/logo is centered in the space within the bleed.

Back Design

User-added image

  • The QR code, magnetic stripe, and ‘powered by toast’ wordmark are all part of the print standard of the card and cannot be moved or removed.
  • The human-readable card number will print above the magnetic stripe.

How do I submit my own designs for the cards?

Submit your order here:  Start New Order  with your print-ready art to have proofs returned for review. The art must comply with our print standard as described here.

All graphic designs submitted for the order must fit the following specifications before the order can be placed:

  • Standard card size CR80 3.375” x 2.125” with an additional bleed of 0.25”
  • Resolution of 300 dpi or higher 
  • The back template must be white
  • The text on the back must be black
  • A 1.25”x 1.25” space within the perimeter bleed must be left blank to allow the QR Code to be placed when card is printed.
  • A 0.33” blank space must be left for the magnetic stripe to be printed.
  • If providing print-read designs to Toast, place the Restaurant Info desired on the design before submitting to Toast.
  • Please attach your hi-resolution art file format (.jpg, .pdf, .ai, .psd, or .eps) when submitting your order. 

Note: For customers supplying Card Marketing Services with print-ready designs, the QR Code, Magnetic Stripe, and wordmark will be printed. Be aware of the space that is needed for each in the design(s), and ensure that it appears blank in the file(s) before submitting to CMS. If designs do not meet these specifications, CMS will reject them and provide guidelines for adjusting the designs in order for them to be submitted.

Templates for the gift cards can be downloaded by selecting the following links:

Gift Card Front:

Gift Card Back:

Note: Your high-resolution art should be submitted in its original digital form and should NOT include the template’s margin lines. The Templates are offered here for size reference. 

Does Card Marketing Services offer any graphic art services to customers?

For restaurants who do not have on-hand designs to submit that meet these specifications, CMS can provide some basic graphic services to create design(s) for gift cards, for an additional fee. This fee starts at $100.00 and is subject to change depending on the complexity of the work. A quote/estimate will be provided to the customer for approval before any design/graphic work is initiated.

Toast defines these basic graphic services as:

  • Front of Card – Placing a high resolution (300 dpi or better) logo, provided to CMS by the customer, onto a solid background color of the customer’s choosing. If desired, adding text to identify the card as a “Gift Card” or other basic text.
  • Back of Card – Placing customer’s desired verbiage onto a template (pictured above) within in the specifications for bleed, magnetic strip and QR Code placement.

These services include one round of simple revision, for example – changing the verbiage on the back or the background color on the front. These services do not include creating a logo or otherwise intensive design or illustration work. 


What does it cost to make gift cards?

The cost per card varies, depending on the quantity that is ordered. Prices listed below are subject to change. Card Marketing Services will notify the customer if prices have changed before proceeding with an order. Gift card pricing does not include shipping costs or any basic graphic services (outlined above), if those services are rendered. 

Note: If you are ordering more than one gift card design, each distinct design is considered its own order and quantity, not a aggregate price. For example, if you have two designs and order 500 cards total (250 of one design and 250 of a second design), each set is billed at $1.00/card for 250 cards, not $0.70/card for 500 cards. 

Below is a price table for the most commonly ordered quantities (minimum order is 250 cards). 

Quantity Per Card Total
250 $1.00 $250.00
500 $0.70 $350.00
1,000 $0.55 $550.00
2,500 $0.41 $1,025.00
5,000 $0.31 $1,540.00
10,000 $0.25 $2,520.00
15,000 $0.21 $3,205.25

Card Carriers

Card Carriers can also be ordered through CMS. We are able to offer generic carriers (pictured below) or you can also submit custom designs, for an additional fee. 

Available colors include Blue, Black, Yellow, Red, and White. Generic carriers are sold in packs of 50 for $6.00 per pack. 

User-added image

Custom Carriers/Envelopes 

Custom art can be created for carriers/envelopes. The guidelines for these designs are illustrated below and can be downloaded at the bottom of the article: 

User-added image

The prices of these carriers are listed here and are separate from the cost of the card.

Quantity Per Carrier Total
500 $0.75 $375.00
1,000 $0.57 $570.00
2,500 $0.45 $1125.00
5,000 $0.33 $1650.00
10,000 $0.30 $3000.00
15,000 $0.27 $4050.00
20,000 $0.25 $5000.00

Templates for the custom carriers can be downloaded by selecting the following links:


Note: Custom Carrier art must be high resolution, fit within the sizing guidelines, and should be submitted in its original digital form WITHOUT the template margin lines.

Also note: The INTERIOR of the custom carriers prints in black and white only.

How long before the order is complete?

Once the final order is placed with CMS, the process typically takes about 15 business days for the cards to be printed and shipped to the shipping address provided by the customer.

Note: For new restaurants opening for the first time, Toast recommends that this process be started as early as possible so that the cards can be made and received in time for opening day.

Can the order be rushed?

Expedited shipping options are available upon request but are NOT guaranteed. If a holiday season is approaching and the order placed is in anticipation of a busy gift card season, Toast recommends that orders be submitted as early as possible (5-6 weeks lead time) to avoid being without gift cards when they are needed them most. Additional fees from expedited shipping are billed to the customer.

Note: Requests for expedited/rush orders during the weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays are not reviewed and will not be approved.

Alternative Card Stock

Alternative card stocks are available at a premium of $65 per 1000 cards ordered. (example: 1000 cards = additional $65, 10,000 = additional $650). If you are interested in this option, please confirm the availability with your Card Marketing Services representative.

Alternative Card Stock Options

User-added image

Generic Toast Gift Cards

Sometimes things move quickly and customers find that they are without any gift cards when they go-live. As a temporary solution, Toast offers generic gift cards in stock to be purchased at $1.00/card (shipping not included).

In most cases, Toast gift cards can be shipped on the business day they are ordered. Otherwise, generic cards ship within 5 – 7 business days of being ordered through Card Marketing Services. 

User-added image

Ready to Order?

Please submit all gift card related items, files, designs, etc. here:

Start Order 

Once received, a support agent will be assigned to the order and be the contact person for the duration of the ordering process.