Studies have shown that 70% of all gift card sales are impulse buys. Also, the most common reason for a gift card purchase is a birthday, not any holiday! Therefore, it is extremely important to advertise that you have gift cards available for sale. Usually, a customer does not enter a restaurant or retail store with the sole intent of purchasing a gift card. That decision is made when they see that gift cards are available and are reminded that they have a friend or loved one with an upcoming birthday or other special event. If that consumer does not know that gift cards are available, you may have just lost out on a sale.

Advertising is as simple as displaying your cards and carriers in a stand that is easily seen at the cashier, host stand, or bar. Signage that says”Gift Cards Available Here” is also an easy and inexpensive solution. Some other ideas that work are to use guest check inserts, or a message at the bottom of the guest receipt. Remember that selling a gift card has a tremendous value to you the merchant. Essentially, a customer is giving you money in advance for the opportunity to go find you a new customer. Plus customers with gift cards, on average, spend 40% more than the value of the check, buy more full price items, and often bring at least one friend in with them!


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